Are you amongst the many organizations, or many consultants, spending most of your time focused on engagement and driving engagement? In this webinar we will discuss why focusing on what drives business outcomes (e.g., customer/patient satisfaction, turnover, profitability) is a smarter approach to understanding employee survey data than having a narrow focus only on engagement. In past work, we’ve demonstrated that focusing on engagement can leave you missing the mark. When comparing the key drivers of engagement to the key drivers of business outcomes, different conclusions often emerge. Spending time on drivers of engagement that aren’t likely to boost your bottom line can leave organizational leaders wondering why they aren’t seeing the ROI of the HR initiative. During this webinar you will learn the following:

  • How to focus on business outcomes that matter to your organizational leaders
  • How to evolve your employee survey to focus on more than just engagement
  • A review of our research regarding the impact of engagement on business outcomes
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